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  1. Abdel

    Our Town

    Long ago, but not so very long ago The world was different, oh yes, it was You settled down and you built a town and made it live And you watched it grow, it was your town Time goes by, time brings changes, you changed too Nothing comes that you can't handle, so on you go You never see it coming when the world caves in on you On your town, nothing you can do Main street isn't main street anymore Lights don't shine as brightly as they shone before To tell the truth, lights don't shine at all In our town Sun comes up each morning, just like it's alway
  2. you mean since world war 2.
  3. Crappiest Ascension ceremony, ever. But hey, it's a tight economy.
  4. Abdel


    spartan's photobucket account is plagueroamer1988.
  5. Abdel

    Hey Guys.

    eagle has the account information and bors wouldn't take it from me.
  6. Abdel

    Hey Guys.

    It's not like im hoarding the database to myself. No-one in the administration asked me for it.
  7. Abdel

    Hey Guys.

    You mean Bors' database.
  8. Abdel


    * woosh *! (disappears)
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