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  1. S-Tier: Numudan-Tier. This level is reserved for players who can consistently and soundly demolish most other players. You definately don't want to send any Tier B or below players at S-tier if you value their lives. 1. Numudan. Signature Country: West Germany Numudan is the current King of WW1 ISH, able to take on any other player and dash them against the metaphorical rocks. An absolute beast in the most difficult player slots, Numudan is picked up first in every draft and can be put in any slot the Captain needs him to be in (typically west/east fronts). A-Tier: Good M
  3. xD ignore everybody who doesnt agree with me. Good mapmaker!
  4. Comeon guys! We just need more band-aids. That'll fix the game

  6. Them's fightin' words, boyo

  7. http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dota2.gamepedia.com/d/db/Invo_level_05.mp3
  8. heres an example. red runs up to the middle of anatolia. builds a wall of trenches in a straight line path. leaves 4 units and runs away. u cant argue green can just pull off howitzers to kill scarely defended wall of trenches in the middle of his country for obvious reasons. and if he commits infantry then the enemy will just leapfrog.
  9. and if u still utterly refuse to implement degenerating trenches u could also add a mechanic that prevents units that disembark from trenches from reembarking in a trench for X amount of seconds. this would solve much of the leapfrog issue.
  10. ? Lets do something that is not beneficial for the game itself, because of the fear that players can't adapt and change? I'm not even sure if you've even played this game. Selecting units in wc3 is ridiculously obnoxious, especially when you're using box selection. When you think u boxed 1 unseiged unit, but u acutally boxed 1 seiged unit and 1 unseiged unit and u press q. ur just going to have 2 seiged artillery instead of having 1 unseiged. this is espeically annoying when ur in the heat of the moment and u dont have time to pay attention to what excatlly you have selected. trenches sh
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