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  1. S-Tier: Numudan-Tier. This level is reserved for players who can consistently and soundly demolish most other players. You definately don't want to send any Tier B or below players at S-tier if you value their lives. Numudan. Signature Country: West Germany Numudan is the current King of WW1 ISH, able to take on any other player and dash them against the metaphorical rocks. An absolute beast in the most difficult player slots, Numudan is picked up first in every draft and can be put in any slot the Captain needs him to be in (typically west/east fronts). A-Tier: This Tier
  2. What up mate, come join us in our WW1 ISH sessions. Only Diplo faction that actually plays WC3 games on a daily basis unless I'm mistaken.
  3. Wait really? Didn't know we had a working version. kk time to go flame TrencH].
  4. @EagleMan will ish ever be playable again? have you abandoned us?
  5. The battle of the C H A D S versus the I N C E L S.
  6. ish finally returning? I'd also be down if I'm on and not working to help test.
  7. Solid list, opting not to try and rank peoples' individual abilities (A++ Howie Micro ex.) and only keeping it in Top 10 makes it a standout list. I'd honestly say 10th should be the meme himself; though Person is more reliable and less likely to blow out and fling in the towel, pusan is a more capable player against other Top 10s and is quite capable of meming even the most experienced commanders. Guim is honestly close to falling in the ranks, his howie micro is bad enough to lose 1v1 to a half-decent France. The only thing that saves him is his absolutely autistic 15 transport-drops as
  8. Increasing the price to $850 would render it infeasible as a strategy. 8inf + 4cav is NOT worth 2 howitzers in the African theater, especially when you take the cool down into account. Maybe a price increase to 650, restriction to cast range, and fixing the spawn amount to 8inf + 4cav. It’s op rn, but let’s not nerf it into the ground.
  9. Good list except for Cell's 100% Composure and Determination. Mfw he complains about gg every single game after ten minutes. Also, think sean probably lost a few dozen rankings after his performance tonight.
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