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  1. whelp After finding out about the issue with the USPS and how this administration is handling the pandemic, I know who to vote for now.
  2. Biden has the golden ticket to go against Trump! Issues be damned, do I want a president who speaks in simple terms or a president who can't form proper sentences?
  3. Funny how it went from a statistical summary to a 'call to arms' of workers worldwide. I think Capitalism (profit-driven, private ownership) does not necessarily create oligarchies (rule of the few) but it can... if there are no reins to prevent single entities from absorbing market-share to the point where they have the political capital to change law... unless you prefer the nuance between economic oligarchies and political oligarchies then that's a simpler question. If the former is the case then we should ask: Does the greatest profit path necessarily depend on out-co
  4. really sad to hear how terrible everyone has become , except for Numu
  5. UNITED STATES mental illness is not treated, managed, nor recognized leads to: gun violence homeless billionaires
  6. Not a single candidate has offered a concrete solution on how they will mend the schism. Not only this but what about a plan for progress? The diplomunion age is climb day by day; how will you attract new bloods? How will you fund us DiploGuard's pensions and healthcare? What actions will you take in foreign relations? And candidates... when will you show us your tax returns?
  7. https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/9254/blizzard-has-removed-blitzchung-from-grandmasters-and-banned-him-from-competing-in-hearthstone-following-his-on-stream-hong-kong-protest "Last Sunday, Hong Kong Hearthstone player Ng "blitzchung" Wai Chung caused quite the stir. As reported by Inven Global, Blitzchung appeared on the official Hearthstone Taiwan stream after his Grandmasters match wearing a gas mask, before shouting "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!" in protest against China's actions in the region..."
  8. aren't you missing the tipped-albeit-slightly fedora?
  9. 2006-ish BNet learned basics of Serbia WW1 - RTW from some dude name "SGT.KNUCKLES", months later found WW1 - ISH, saw Diplomunion from WW1 intro years later, didn't join for years til' 2014 cause reminisce.
  10. War is one way to rally a nation for re-election. But so is diplomatic success and economic stability. It all depends on how Trump will play his cards in the coming months... how well is he at damage control and what parties are behind the curtains..
  11. Spreading freedom and democracy serves American interests, but it also serves the world order's interests. Imagine another population free to elect their leader(s), to buy and consume what they want, to have the opportunity of life, liberty, and happiness. As long as those leaders are pro-American, buy products American, and opportunity with American business ventures. Obviously, the U.S wouldn't want them to serve someone else? That doesn't make it ethical, but who is? Can you imagine any power in history or present whom are ethical? Don't try the moral high ground when there are f
  12. Major trade partners? Well, it won't matter much until those are the top of the food chain have their pocket books substantially affected. No reason to shake up more controversy; they will probably let time settle things per usual If it doesn't die down, I expect more tariffs from both conflicts (Though in the U.S - China case, there has been suspect of conflict resolve just in time for Trump reelection)
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