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  1. Where did you go dude, your the only one left too play in your group, come back to the discrod?

  2. I have 3mbps and its loading shite
  3. Yeah it is pretty bad. If people had no access to their phones for 1 day they would go mental, throwing faeces at one another. Maybe im giving them too much credit - not even 1 full day. Like with everything it just depends how you use it. Scrolling through memes on Facebook and watching useless videos that will never help you in any situation (basically the most common uses) is a shit way to bask in the glory of the internet/phones in general. Obviously porn is the way to go.
  4. I think this happens once red activates plague, but it says he has more CPs than he actually does. A lot more. If he takes the cps from NR he has 10 (minus the forgeotten one CP) when he activates plague he jumps to 18/19. Obviously thats bad because in ENT games people will mass ally when they see that.
  5. Just give DG a starting demi like Reginald Windsor like back in the old days, and give him an updated kit so i can put the crown on him.
  6. Disagree with more speed. DG has a lot of it already. And haste/speed scrolls are pretty op.
  7. Forsaken from my point of view was just thrown into LR as part of red because there isn't an availability for a 13th player or race, and given that it's RoC + TFT, they really wanted to include undead Sylvanas and Forsaken coz they are a big deal in TFT onward (story wise). But the main problems are: A: Undercity can't be created because of Purple's role in the game. It can only work if Purp is dead. B: Forsaken is the Undead Scourge, but they don't like each other, plain and simple. Just a thread that moved itself from the main sack. A rebel faction if you will. C: even if in s
  8. There is no problem. It just doesn't matter. Nobody ever goes forsaken anyway. And red shouldn't have a second chance
  9. A As the current kali meta stands a 2v2 is always in the favour of the horde - bp or normal. Bearing in mind the skill of players. But NE can still win by being smarter.
  10. Giving bp horde any high level healing is a big problem that will make bp op as fuck. Tauren arent the only thing that make pink better. Spirit walkers more so and the far seers are vital to pink not spending monry and maintaining a small sized army capable of doing a lot of damage. Bp offers pink an exclusively offensive approach. Bp isnt supposed to be better than normal horde. Its supposed to act as a difference in playstyle. Making one better than the other solbes nothing. Bp has problems of its own and is far from balanced, but its headed in the right direction. Tldr: theyre not supp
  11. magic sentry? You can spot the dreadlords immediately.
  12. It's free vision over a continent he owns...What's the big deal? Once he loses NR the game is over for him. 99% of the time.
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