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Since I finally got Blizzard to fix the biggest SD bugs

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Here's a few screenshots (in world editor) minus one which is a bit of tier 1 german gameplay.


All of this is HEAVY work in progress and will look better on full release, there's plenty of assets not yet in the game and plenty of assets that I have yet to get before I release the map, including doing manual work myself and maybe paying some couple of people at some point to do missing ones such as incan/african/aztec native stuff.



I'm doing it at my pace so don't expect anything extremely quickly, I already got pretty burned out on reforged release and only somewhat recently restarted work on the map.







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Right now it's not, the last couple of fixes which include custom trees and shadows for units are still on ptr, features are missing and those are still not yet released (1.33), and this map I'm working on is like 50% done, a lot of people are only gonna resume map editing after 1.33 comes out

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Update on development:

Finished animating most of the tier 1-3 ships, took my about a week (kinda exhausting but worth it since the non animated ships like the default war3 ships look like dogshit), I'm (maybe) considering expanding the tiers to 5 (and the ones in the screenshot would be divided between 1-4) but I'm not sure yet as it would require an even bigger refactor of things, it's honestly a gigantic pain in the ass to manage all of the tiers and shit.


Also, the game I'm planning to have the years pass by somewhat slowly as to give more room for factions to develop/utilize the technology available to them on their tiers, I'm also setting up a trading system and slower economic gain through regular means (non trading) as to incentivize players to trade (considering having profit tables in which europeans get more profit from selling native american materials (and same the other way around))



I've also been doing a code refactor from the initial rushed system I was using (I can't handle GUI clicking so I converted shit to jass) and it looked like this (see screenshot n2), now I'm refactoring it all using structs  (see screenshot n3) where I can call the constant's name directly rather than having to use the unit id where I gotta keep looking through the object editor whenever I want to do any changes since I don't know what the fuck each unit code is, it's gonna take time though as there's like 500-600 units/structures in the map that require this, plus upgrades.

Lastly, this is more of a future thing which I might wait till I launch the map and set up a patreon/coffee for it where the new player base can contribute but:

I need to get a couple hundred bucks to commission Herrdave to make the missing moor tier 1-2, ottoman tier 3, african 1-3, native american 1-3, incan 1-2, and a couple of missing european units (soldiers, pikemen, halberdiers, spearmen (africans), archers, cavalry, gunmen, mounted gunmen, workers).

I'm also considering finding someone who can rip age of empires 3 DE models into warcraft 3 to gain access to stuff like the incan ship and other stuff that they have




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kinda weekly-bi weekly update:


1) Finally done with creating the structs containing every object data on them with readable codes for better maintainability in the future on the jass code.

2) Finished the base disabling of units/tech for every civ (as you can see on the right it's a fuckton of shit).



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Started doing variations for tier 1 moorish units, got swordsman and pikeman right now, currently making archer, idk how feasible it'll be for me to make cavalry but I'll try after this





There's minor detail variations on the archer for example there's no plate on his legs, and he has a beard.


I did also european minor unit variations such as having the more northern europe looking infantryman not have a shield with a cross for England, the spaniard soldier have a cross on his shield, dutch infantry has brown hair and so on.

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