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    Diplomunion has stood the test of time due to it's amazing partnerships with other organizations. Please take a moment to interact with and meet with the members of the larger Diplo-related gaming community. 


    Warhaven is a young and exciting Warcraft 3 community that caters primarily to a European member-base that focuses on Custom maps such as Lordaeron the Aftermath, Lordaeron the Foremath, Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, among others. We are very proud to be affiliated with them and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership. 



    The Old Guard is a Warcraft 3-based gaming community that is heavily focused on creating a home on discord for Wc3 mappers and gamers, some of which are even old projects that were based on our forums in the past. They focus on Custom maps such as Robert's Rebellion, War in the Plaguelands, Ringwars and Battle for middle earth, among others. They are very driven towards unifying the community and have done a fantastic job in consolidating the Warcraft 3 community in a manner and format that is equal and fair to all mappers and gamers. 



    The Hive Workshop is a legacy Warcraft 3 assets community that is a powerhouse in the Warcraft 3 mapping scene. Visit them at https://www.hiveworkshop.com/ for all your mapping needs. 


    Wc3maps is a Warcraft 3 platform that aims to create a repository of every wc3 map ever hosted, as well as a listing of current wc3maps that are being hosted. I was given the honor of designing their new logo and I look forward to collaborating with TriggerHappy, the person who runs wc3maps. Please give the site a visit for all your wc3 custom map gaming needs. Visit them at https://www.wc3maps.com/  for all your custom gaming desires. 

    Warcraft 3 United serves as a place for all Warcraft 3 discords/communities to get a chance to represent themselves and connect with each other. They can do this with a simple affiliation link and or by participating in discussions and events. In short, we hope to unite WC3!


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